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What kind/brand of head do you favor the most? Fixed/mechanical? I shoot the G5 montecs and love their practice heads>

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100 gr Thunderheads for me Thumbs up

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I've never used mechanicals before, only fixed broadheads.
Over the years I have used a few different brands, including the so-called "cut on contact" type, but am currently shooting 125gr Muzzy's.

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I like Wasp SST hammerheads in 100 and 125. I haven't tried a lot of broadheads but this one works well for me and all the guys I hunt with.

Two seasons ago I stalked a deer in a high grass meadow and shot it quartering away at about 25 yards. My compound was set at about 60 pounds and the arrow entered slightly back as it should have for that angle. It took out the bottom half of two ribs as it exited. I found the arrow about 20 feet past where it exited. I've had and witnessed other equally impressive pass throughs with that broadhead.

I think there's a lot of great broadheads out there. If it's from a reputable company and if it shoots well from your bow, you're probably not going to be disappointed. I know guys who swear by mechanical broadheads too. I've never felt the need to change though.

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I have tried more different broads than I care to remember and have settled on two- the Sattellite Titan 125 gr or 100 gr and the Wensel Woodsman 150gr. I used the Wensel Woodsman exclusivly last season and they were ASSUME!!
You do have to sharpen them as they do not come hunting sharp right out of the package(they tell you that). I used crotch sticks and achieved a scary sharp edge on them. They are available now in both glue on and screw-in.

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Only 2 I will shoot are the wasp SST and thunderheads....only fixed for me

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Thunder Head, 125 gr. Never an issue with them, why change?

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Iused 100 grain MUZZZy 4 blades for years and was super satisfied with them.

However, I have switched to the new Arrow dynamic Solutions ATOM broadheads are blown away how a broadhead that wont cut youe finger, will blow through and quickly kill deer and wild hogs.

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I'm currently using the Muzzy MX-3 125gr. Very satisfied. As long as they manufacture these braodheads, I will use them.

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