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Father son team need some guidance

Hi hunters!  New guy here....Ive seen quite a bit of posts here from some very experienced hunters in colorado and was wondering if anyone could help me with an otc hunt in unit 21.  30.  31.  I am an archery hunter...35 yrs old and my partner is my father who is 54.  He has hunted lamques in roan creek for past 20 years, but that is some extremely steep terrain.  Dont get me wrong...he kicked butt up there last year, but i want to get into a diy hunt with maybe a little easier terrain.  we hunt hard and appreciate any help.  Approaching the top on day 7 last year my dad said....u need to find someone to paetner up with so u can do this every year....im getting old...Well i want him to be my hunting partner for many more years, just hoping to get some help in doing so!  Anyway...thnx for any help!

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Units 21 and 30 are both very steep and deep country where the elk typically are during archery season. 21 does have a few easier spots, but that is where the other hunters will be.

Unit 30 has a lot more private blocking a lot of the better areas.


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Elk Hunt

I have hunted the units you mentioned during 4th rifle. They are very steep. My suggestion if you still want to hunt them. is to stay clear of douglas pass rd. as that area will have alot of hunters. I'd try to enter the blm through a county rd from down below. Definetly holds elk but like about any other otc unit you will have to work for them and you wont be alone.


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 Thnx guys...we are actually

 Thnx guys...we are actually gonna go to intersection of 21,30,31....any additional help here would be awesome!  Headed there in june from michigan to scout....i appreciate all, any ideas on pressure there week of muzzy

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I do not think the 9 day ML

I do not think the 9 day ML season will add much pressure to you since there are only 325 ML tags which cover 5 game units.

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Thanks a ton for your input!

Thanks a ton for your input! I didnt realize there were so few permits....that helps alot!!

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