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DIY Easy?

Hey a duckdog...

Your comment: "Don't be intimidated by the idea of DIY in CO.  Its easy. (emphasis added)"

Can I ah..... give you call you the next time I shoot an 700 - 800 lb elk and it runs/dives 80 yards straight down hill into the steepest, nastiest dog hair on the mountain?  Thumbs up

Agree 100% with everything else you said, but I'm not sure I would call DIY in CO for elk "easy" by any stretch.  It also surprises me how many guys head out for elk with no plan for getting their harvest out of the woods -- not even a pack frame in their truck!

Don't get me wrong.  DIY is certainly do-able with a great deal of planning (for the worst), and I wouldn't think of doing it any other way.  I just don't think I would ever call it easy.  Joyfully painful and exhausting, sure.  But easy?




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Thanks to all who posted. We

Thanks to all who posted.

We ended up applying for a preference point for first choice, due to some last minute scheduling problems. As the summer draws closer we will see if we can score any leftover tags or we will hunt this year on OTC tags to get our feet wet in Colorado.


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Okay easy might be the wrong word

Ya, you can give me a call to help you pack that bull :)  My charge is one tenderloin and one backstrap. 

Easy might have been the wrong word.  All I meant is that, If you're prepared (right gear and have researched the area), you shouldnt be intimidated.  Many people come out and pay thousands for a guide who will do nothing more for them than they couldve done themselves.

Good luck


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