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Fall Turkey Hunting

Hello everyone. I'm very new to turkey hunting, as this is my first season. This past weekend, my brother and I went up to the Centennial SWA for turkey, but all those pesky waterfowl hunters scared them away ;) Since I live in east Aurora, I'd like to try to find some place a little bit closer, and that has more turkey. Does anybody know of good spots (BLM, state land) that is open to fall turkey hunting? I've checked the Div of Wildlife, the BLM website, and even searched public records for public land maps. I can't seem to find any place. I'd like to hunt in areas 104 and 105. Anybody have suggestions? Help would be much appreciated.

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Without knowing where the

Without knowing where the turkeys hang out in a unit the fall hunt can be a hit or miss type of hunt.  About the only call that works is a locator call to see if you can get a response from one.  Other than that you can hunt drainages and hope that you find a flock that is headed down to their winter ground.

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