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Fall or Spring turkey hunting?

Which season do you prefer? The gobblers are more active in the spring but there is something wonderful about being out in the crisp cool autumn morning calling turkeys! Let me know which and why. Thank you



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Welcome to the site! Never

Welcome to the site!

Never really targeted them in the fall.  I am too busy deer hunting.  However, I would not hesitate to shoot one with my bow if one walked by and the fall season was open.  I don't ever see or hear them though, so i think it might be a tougher hunt.

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I have never hunted turkeys

I have never hunted turkeys in the fall, so I don't have anything to compare it to.  Besides just generally loving turkey hunting, I like hunting turkeys in the spring because there are not many other hunting options during that time of year.  As long as I can keep getting my other big game licenses regularly, I doubt I will take the time to exclusively target turkeys in the fall.  However, last year, I did come across some turkeys in my area while archery deer hunting.  Since archery deer season does overlap with fall turkey season in Colorado and the area where I deer hunt is OTC for turkey, I will probably get a tag for just in case.  

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I doubt that calling them

I doubt that calling them would do any good since the mating season is way past in the fall of the year.

In all the years that I have hunted in the fall of the year in areas that there are turkeys I have never heard one make a noise.

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can be done

You can effectivly call in the fall but it is more than just sitting down and calling. You need to "bust" up a flock so it involves moving around so you can run into a flock of birds. Try to startel them but good so birds fly off in all different directions. Then blind up wait for things to calm down and start calling. The birds will want to get back together.

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here in NY

here in NY it is bearded birds only in teh spring (no hens) which is a PITA because I am surrounded by hens in the spring and gobblers stay out of range!

I MUCH MUCH MUCH prefer fall when any turkey is legal.

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