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Sometimes simple is better

Sometimes simple is better but in this case I am going to go with a drop away. Yes there are more moving parts so there is more that can go wrong but I think the advantage of not having your arrow contact anything while it is being sent on its way is a big one. I do not like the idea of the spring having tension on it while the rest is at rest in the down position with the new smack down by trophy taker but I still like it more than a WB.

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Since you called up this

Since you called up this thread again, I will comment on it. Wink I actually was revisiting this idea yesterday as I looked through my Cabelas Christmas catalog.  I was picking out a few ideas for my parents to get me, and I looked at the rests.  I ended up not asking for a rest, and will probably stick with the whisker bisket for now.

For the record, i did ask for a 5 pin Tru-glo sight, a new release, and a turkey hunting vest.  And, considering I have never shot an animal with a bow, nor have I ever got a turkey, I should put them to good use...... lol

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Arrow rest (Ripcord)

Well here I go again with another update. I put a Ripcord Arrow Rest on my bow just after turkey season this spring and this was even a better move for me on a rest. Once you get it timed your shooting will improve (at least mine did ). You have total containment and it is quiet.

I have timed a few different rest for friends and the Ripcord is the easiest to do.

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Thumbs up I been using a WB for several years now and I love it.  I just purchased a new bow this year (Bear Carnage) and I'm still using the WB.  I have never had any issues with fletching and I do prefer to replace the whiskers once a year or every two years.  Its a cheap replacement, no biggie.  I shoot alot and hunt several states and she holds up great.  One of the reasons I love the WB is because sometimes I like still hunt or walk great distances through the woods and I can carry my bow in any position without the arrow ever falling off the rest allowing for a quick draw if I come upon an animal.  I never tried a drop away but I have heard great things about them as well.  Good luck!

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