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Fall 2010 Plans: Looking for Recommendations

Hi folks,
First post here. I have a question and I think I came to the right place.

I must be becoming an old curmudgeon, but New England is getting too crowded for me.
I've been hankering to do a whitetail trip to another state for a few years now. A state that has plenty of space, and deer.

I'd like to find a lodge/outfitter for this fall. Something that's just right; not too big of an operation, kinda family oriented, family run, not fancy or overpriced, a real hunt with real good chances of seeing game.

I was thinking along the lines of Tn, Ky, Tx, Kansas but I want to throw the question out to you folks.

Where would you go? What places would you recommend? I know this is a broad question but I'd appreciate any input.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Fall 2010 Plans: Looking for Recommendations

I've never hunted out of state for whitetail, but if I was going to go somewhere I would lean towards indiana, ohio, or kentucky as they all have some great deer management going on. Wish I could be of more help as far as a specific place, hopefully someone else will offer some advice.

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Re: Fall 2010 Plans: Looking for Recommendations

Welcome to BGH Stuart C.

I have only hunted one state that you have mentioned and that being Tenn.
However after I have seen Pictures posted by redrider of his Kansas deer on this forum, I can cleanly recommend Kansas with a clear conscience, hands down !! Thumbs up

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Re: Fall 2010 Plans: Looking for Recommendations

At this point, you're probably gonna have to stick with states that have OTC tags. Kansas produces some big deer, but nonresident licenses are by drawing and one outfitter told me you usually don't draw until the second year. Farther east, I like Indiana and try to get there as often as possible.

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Re: Fall 2010 Plans: Looking for Recommendations

We just have small whitetails here in Indiana, no point in coming here Big smile

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Re: Fall 2010 Plans: Looking for Recommendations

Here in Texas the OTC license will include 5 whitetail deer tags, 4 turkey tags and 2 mule deer tags. The deer may not be the biggest in some perts but there is plenty of them.

You can also shot two Javelinas per license year and unlimited hogs and Coyotes.

Good outfitters and lots of open space can also be found down here.

Hope this helps. Big smile

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Out of State Hunt

Kansas basically has over the counter tags now and I suspect this will hurt the quality of their deer in the coming years but right now Kansas is a good choice.  Because you can now buy a tag each year leasing is going crazy there.  There are many good walk in areas to hunt and many in the NE, NC, NW get very little bow hunting pressure.  Iowa is a great chocie is you have points.  There is a little known way to hunt with a gun each year if you know someone you can party hunt with.  I would have to say Kansas is the best chocie, mild weather, OTC tags, lots of hunt choices, and big deer.  You may not see large numbers of deer but there are some nice ones.