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Factory cartridge length?

Wondering if anyone has a factory 7mm Rem Mag cartridge with a Nosler Ballistic Tip or Accubond bullet laying around that they can measure OAL on?

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What grain of bullet? You can

What grain of bullet? You can just follow a reloading manual for your maximum OAL unless your rifles magazine is too short and then you will need to seat your bullets deeper.

My manuals list a maximum OAL of 3.290"

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I don't believe the bullet

I don't believe the bullet will make one bit of difference. OAL's are SAMMI spect's and the factory ammo will fit any action the cartridge is made for. With the longer action's you can seat the bullet's out farther. For some actions I suspect that there's a bit of freebore in some rifles just to make sure the loaded round fit's the magazine well of the action it's built on. All the OAL's in the manuals are measured from the base of the case to the tip of the bullet. SAMMI spec's determines that. It probably would not be wise to list the OLL to the ogive. Probably find some rifle's the cartridge wouldn't fit the magazine. 6mm Rem will have an OAL that will let the round fit into a short action magazine. Try to seat a bullet to the ogive aand it won't fit the well of a short action rifle. I think the 284 Win had the same problem as did the 6.5 Rem mag. Both were offered in short action version's so if you have a long action the bullet will jump a bit before finding the lands.

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