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Extreme Scent Control (feature article)

September 2009 Feature Article:

Extreme Scent Control

Every hunter alive has probably read, heard or watched on television about the importance of personal scent control. It has been drilled into our heads to wash our clothes in unscented detergents and wash our bodies with soaps produced specifically with the big game hunter in mind. Unfortunately, there are still some hunters out there that know very little about the subject, and others that are still disbelievers as to how important it is to eliminate as much human related odors as possible. They feel that they have been successful without following a scent control program and using such products, so they believe it is all hype. Read more...

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Extreme Scent Control (feature article)

I am a scent control freak also. I go as far as when I shower before a hunt that I wash from the top, starting with my hair and rinse then my upper body rinse mid section rinse and on down rinsing after every section. A couple of things that I have noticed that alot of scent conscience hunters overlook are. Their watches especially the ones with a velcro wristband. For this I have a watch that I only wear when I hunt and I wash it a scent destroying detergent after and before my next hunt. It also gets a good spray with my scent destroyer. Another is the wallet, this is one of the biggest scent traps that we all carry. When I go into the woods I carry my drivers license, permit /tag in a ziploc bag stored in my pack. Finally, my glasses get a shower with me in the scent destroying soap. I want minimal human scent on myself and my gear. Also a good thing I have found is to go your local hardware or home depot and buy a pair of the thin overalls that painters wear for while you are driving between hunting areas.

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