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Hey guys, have i got a story for you, earleir today i was out shooting my crosman air rifle, (because when my dad aint home I am not aloud to shoot my .22 LR.) Well anyway, I was shooting some rotten eggs in my feild, which is the same feild that we shoot my .22 LR in. I guess a spare shell was left in the grass and when I took a shot at the eggs i heard a loud bang! when the shell went off a few peices of egg and metal skinned my left arm. I went over to look and the shell had blown a hole in the egg and the ground. I was sure lucky that the shell was facing towards the ground and not at me!

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I have never heard of that happening before with a 22 shell. When you were describing what happened and what you observed the first thing that came to my mind was if could have been a blasting cap?, especially with a "crater" in the ground. But most blasting caps have two wires connected to it, small ones about the size of a 22 mag.
You were quite lucky for sure

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I also doubt it was a 22 shell. I have set them up to try and do that and all that happens is that the shell gets knocked out of the way. To fire it would require that the shell be held firn enough for the case rim to be dented enough to explode the priming compound in the rim.

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Well I am not proud of this but I know for a fact that it can be done Oops! . A childhood budy of mine and myself set off a bunch of 22 shells in his garadge on day with Daisy BB guns. We had to really try to make it happen and about 4 out of 5 would not go off. But every 5th one or so would blow. The lead dosent go far but little pcs of brass go everywhere.

Like I said not one of my prouder childhood moments and I am darn lucky to still have both my eyes.

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