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Excellent Deer Harvest in Maryland!

I just saw that Maryland deer hunters killed 98,663 deer during the past deer season. I am surprised at this, since they only have 9,773 square miles of land, and a lot of that is city, urban and heavily populated.

In contrast, Michigan has 56,803 square miles, much of which is agricultural and wooded, with large areas of public land. But Michigan hunters kill around 450,000 deer annually.

Michigan has over 6 times the land, but only harvests 4 times the deer. Sounds like maryland is a pretty good place to go deer hunting! Thumbs up

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Deer in Maryland

My son lives in Maryland on the outskirts of a city.  His house backs up to a substantial greenbelt that actually runs almost all the way to DC.  There are so many deer in that forest, they are a problem to homeowners as far as plants and shrubs go.  They are also a major problem on the roads.

My son contacted the Maryland Game department to see about the legality of shooting some of them when they come into his yard.  They told him it was legal with a bow as long as he had written permission from neighbors living within a certain distance.  He contacted each of the neighbors and had NO problem getting permission.  The deer are a major nuisance.  The season runs for basically three full months and there is no limit of doe he can shoot.  He can shoot either two or three legal bucks per year.

When deer come into his back yard, he simply opens his sliding door, steps out and draws his bow.  These are not real big deer so there isn't a lot of meat on them.  His family basically lives on venison and he also gives meat to families who are in need.  I think he shot 9 deer this season and one of his sons shot one or two.  The largest was a nice 6 pointer.  He had a trail cam set up and had a huge 4X4 coming in but he never came around during shooting light. Yes, Maryland has a lot of deer.  A plethora of deer.


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Those urban bow hunters get

Those urban bow hunters get alot of really nice bucks too.

People really overlook some of those populated areas, and would be surprised at all the deer in them.  Places like Maryland, Connecticut, etc., have control hunts done all the time, because the populetion is exploding.

I have also seen some of the Sitka deer hunting on one hunting show.  if I recall, it was a really swampy or marshy area.

Hey Jaybe, I just did a Google search for fallow deer in Maryland, and the first result was a forum where some guy posted photos of some that were harvested this past fall.  Can't view Facebook where I am now, but I will check them out when I get home.  Hadn't heard of them being huntable until now.


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