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Just added a bear tag to my

Just added a bear tag to my hunting, because this bear run off all my deer, this is the same bear from last year that pulled the same stunt!

Plus CA  D8 deer next week

NV Chucker & Predator next week

CA D8 the week after

CO GMU22 3rd season Mullie & Cow elk 

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I'll be heading up to the

I'll be heading up to the Routt near Craig for the 1st rifle season. Me and the old man are making the drive all the way from PA, with two others flying in. Should be getting in next wednesday..

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I have got an antelope hunt

I have got an antelope hunt up in Wyoming planned for this weekend. With my job, I am only going to be able to hunt one full day but it is better than nothing... that is for sure. My brother, room mate, best friend and dad all have deer tags for 2nd season north of Rangely. I was hoping to accompany them on this hunt but this once again due to my job, I will not be able to make it. Our normal group will be north of Hayden during 3rd season and I've got my fingers crossed that I can make it up for that hunt. Only time will tell. It will be my mom's first hunt and therefore I really want to be there.

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6 of us have bull tags,were

6 of us have bull tags,were hunting in 411.3 guys   are coming out from Pa and three of us is natives.should be interesting.

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I've got a bull tag for the first elk only season in the same area where my dad and friend connected for muzzleloader. Only thing is I just started a new job and will only have two days to hunt instead of hitting it hell bent for leather for the full five. If there's still elk in there and we catch the second phase rut in swing should be a small chance we can get a young love sick bull in, in that time. I've also got a late season Dec. pp doe antelope tag. My dad and daughter have 3rd season pp buck tags and she's also got a pp cow elk tag good thru Jan. Still got a few tags to try and fill.

Good luck to all heading out for upcoming seasons!

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lotsa plans

Tag along on Mountain Goat hunt in early September-check!

Muzzleloader backcountry elk in mid September-check!

Duck hunt-check!

Wyoming Antelope this weekend

3rd season deer for me, deer/elk, or just elk for others

4th season leftover doe tag

December antelope

December elk

And probably some pheasant and more waterfowl hunting thrown in between

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Looks like alot of action id

Looks like alot of action id to be taking place on here pretty soon with alot of hunts lined up.  I also forgot I do have a December antelope tag for here in CO.

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Good luck to everyone who has

Good luck to everyone who has upcoming hunts, I'm very jelous of all of you. this will be the first year of no rifle hunts and I'm going through withdrawls i think.LOL. I will just have to live through al of you till NOV when i can get back out ther with my bow, again good luck to everyone and cant wait to hear your stories and see the pics.

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Got a very long awaited 3rd season GMU 61 mule deer tag. Had to take 3 year hiatus from hunting unfortunately but this reentry makes up for it.

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So far it has been a GREAT

So far it has been a GREAT season. Got my cow elk on 8-20-10, my antelope on 9-23-10 and my deer on 10-2-10. I still have a moose tag I will be trying to fill the first two weeks of November and a bull elk tag that is good from November 15th thru December 31. Went ahread and bought another freezer. I have elk steaks and antelope summer sausage to eat while I am up hunting the moose and bull elk. Life in Wyoming is GOOD.

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