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Ever enter anything in the books?

Just wondering how many guys have taken something that would make the record books and if so did you even bother doing it?

I have one animal that would make B&C but I never sent the papers in after having it officialy scored. Don't even know where the papers went any more.

The trophy it was for myself was the most important thing.

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I shot one animal that made the record book and yes, I had it officially scored, filled out all the paperwork and had it registered.  He is in the books.  But even if it wasn't, it is still "my" trophy and something that I proudly look at on a regular basis.  My son shot a B & C black bear in Colorado a few years ago and he also had it registered.  You just don't get that many chances for something like that.

With that said, my granddaughter shot the 4th largest turkey ever taken by a woman in the US and we didn't have that registered.  It is the largest ever taken by a female in our state and we did register that.  One of these days, I'll post that story and some pictures.

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My three heads of African game all qualified for the books, but it is enough for me to have them on the wall.

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No - I have never shot an animal that would be even close to making the books. I vividly remember the first whitetail buck that I ever shot at, though. His antlers were ginormous! They were almost pure white and almost as big as the tree he was standing behind.

At least that's the way they looked to me at the time. Yes

Obviously, I didn't get him, but if I had, he probably would have turned out to be a very respectable 8 or 10-pointer. To this day I believe he is the largest buck I have ever seen while hunting. But I doubt that he would have made the books.


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Book animals

I have one muley in the Pope and Young books only because my dad had it done for me. My brother and my nephew both have book elk for Pope and Young. My brother had his officiallly scored, but never put it in the book. My nephews' bull was officially scored and put in the books.

I am like the rest of you and just enjoy having them on the walls.

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Does a 70 inch 6 point get me

Does a 70 inch 6 point get me anything???? lol

No, never had a chance to shoot a Boone and Crockett or Pope and young animal.

I don't believe I have ever seen one actually, live or freshly dead.  Of course, I have seen them mounted in different places, Cabelas, Bass Pro, etc. 

Growing up in Vermont and doing most of my hunting there, the quality of animals was not there.  Sure, there are a few roaming around, and my Dad swears that he saw one during muzzleloader one year and wasn't able to get a shot, but if there were more, then we'd see them. 

The fact is, Vermont has only had 2 (I believe) B&C deer in it's history, and only one was shot.  The other was found dead.

Maybe next year is the year though.  My Dad and I are making plans for a hunt in Illinois or Kansas.  We can only hope. Thumbs up

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CA---If that 70" 6

CA---If that 70" 6 pointer was a pronghorn, we might give you a pat on the back, LOL!!!  Who cares about score anyway, as to me a trophy is in the eye of the beholder!!!

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Absolutely.  And, that was my

Absolutely.  And, that was my first deer I was referring to, so I don't think anything will ever be more of a "trophy" than that. Thumbs up

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book animals

Many years ago I took a friend Moose hunting.  I told him where to apply, and he drew the only non-preference point either sex tag.  We set up a camp at the end of a road and opening morning we took my horses into the wilderness.  At daylight, we rode into a meadow, and I said "There's your moose."  It turned out to be the 4th largest bull ever shot in Montana (at that time).  He entered in in B&C and I was honored that he included my name with his in the book.

About five years ago I shot a Caribou and a Musk ox in the Northwest Territories that I had officially measured and both qualified for B&C, but I haven't entered them.

I also have about a dozen North American animals that would qualify for SCI's record book and another dozen or so African animals that would qualify for SCI and at least 4 that would qualify for the Rowland Ward book, but I haven't entered any of them. 

I'm satisfied with being able to see them on my walls and remembering the hunts.


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