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European Skull Mounts: The Easy Way (feature article)

January 2009 Feature Article:

European Skull Mounts: The Easy Way

After having seen hundreds of inquiries from members of various hunting web sites asking how to do European Skull Mounts, the idea and appearance of the finished product began to pique my interest. Not wanting though, to go through the mess of boiling the natural skull or use flesh-eating beetles to clean it, either of which would have resulted in my wife JC ejecting me from the house instantaneously, I embarked on a search for a cleaner, more practical way of accomplishing the task.

After many hours of research regarding the subject, in the end I learned of a man named Tab Hinton of Tab Hinton Taxidermy & Supply who in 1966 had originated a series of first-rate replica skulls modeled directly from actual specimens. Read more...

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Thank You

I've always wondered how those mounts looked and worked.

I've seen advertizements for them but have been skeptical. If I had a bunch of antlers this would definately be one solution I would have to consider. Thank you for posting this.



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here is what ive done

here is a mount i did about a year ago on a 300lb boar here in CA

IMG_9574.JPG3.53 MB

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