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 Like all of the others, I too


Like all of the others, I too think your planned hunt for 4th season in a winter range is absolutely ethical. It is already a legal area for hunt so I know your focus is on the ethics of it. I feel your continued use of your muzzleloader only makes it even more closely a better hunting scenario.

My dad is 78 and still hunts. I plan on getting him out to Colorado in 2012 to hunt with me as I know time is dwindling for him to continue his passion... and me to be there hunting with him. I'm scouting an area this year so he can travel into and back out of the area with ease. I am following the regulations and even though I make it as easy on Dad as possible - I will still feel good about the hunt. And so should you. I hope your harvest next year is great and I look forward to reading about it!



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hunt the little stip solo and

hunt the little stip solo and book some guided hunts for the big mountan forays and let the packers, pack.

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Thanks for all the positive

Thanks for all the positive posts guys.

This morning I grabbed the muzzleloader and headed for the winter range to explore and do some coyote hunting. The area is bigger than I thought, and the wooded areas are still pretty open. It's going to be a challenge to get close enough for the round ball. My 30-06 is calling to me, but i'll stick to the plan with the muzzleloader.

Not much luck with the coyotes. I called in two, but both of them circled behind me, winded me, and were gone. Oh well.

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Well, it's a year away, and I

Well, it's a year away, and I can't do it. It goes against everything I was taught.

I went to unit 55 today to look around. Lots of camps. 1st rifle starts tomorrow. I've decided to hunt the unit next year for muzzleloder season. Weather should be nice in early Sept. I'm going to try a new approach that might be easier for me. I'm going to camp there for the whole 9 days if needed. I found a lot of spots I can get my Jeep into. I saw some small herds that suit me perfect. If I can hunt sort of near the Jeep it won't be too hard for me. Then just keep moving the Jeep/camp to new areas. I'll take my dog to keep me company, and leave him in camp while hunting.

I haven't camped in 20 years, so this will be a new experience. I have a year to get it all planned out. This excites me. The winter range was bumming me out.

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Your call

Still Hunter, of course it is your call but I still say there is nothing wrong with hunting the other winter range area. It is still a year away and if you are like me you will think this over several more times. Smart to be out looking at other options if you do not feel comfortable hunting the winter range. Have you thought about or have a game cart to help get your critters out of the woods? I got one a few years back and they work great. Takes allot of wear and tear off the back, hips and knees. I use mine in the summer for wood cutting too so it was well worth the $120 for it. Regardless of what place you hunt enjoy yourself and hope you fill the freezer. Take care and good hunting.

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I kind of thought you might

I kind of thought you might end up changing your mind. What is the right decision for one person is not aways right for another. In the end it's how you yourself feel about it that really matters. For me it's fine and I do hunt them there but I understand how you feel as there are other things some guys legally do that I just dont.

Good luck with your hunts next year no matter how you decide to go about it. 

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You guys are cool. Thanks for

You guys are cool. Thanks for understanding. It helps me talk about it instead of trying to figure it all out in my head.

I'm already excited about camping for the hunt. It's been so many years since I did that I can hardly remember it. I need to buy camping gear. I thought i'd start to gather it up now, and have a few camping trips before the hunt to get all the gear worked out.

I'm looking at tents now. I'm thinking of the Eureka 2 man Timberline. It's just me and the dog. Unit 55 in early Sept with get rain every afternoon. So, wind and waterproof is important. The Timberline seems to do well with that in the reviews i've read so far. Anybody have that tent? It's been around since the 70's. They sold 1 million the first 10 years. It can't be too bad.

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Have fun!

Either way you go enjoy the heck out of it! Whatever you decide will suit your standards and give you fullfillment.


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