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Escaped elk in Eastern Idaho

Has anyone been paying attention to this story here in Idaho? Here's a link if you're interested.
I'm curious as to what all of you feel about this type of fenced hunting preserve and if you think the state is overstepping its bounds in ordering all the escaped elk killed. There are rumors that I can't back up that the elk were mixed with Red Stags to give them bigger antlers and that is why they are so worried about the pollution of the native genetic pool. True or not what the heck are elk doing in a fenced ranch? I didn't even know there were hunting ranches of this nature in Idaho. To any of you that hunt in fenced ranches for any type of game all I can say to you is that you are sad and pathetic little men. Get a life and quit faking it. I don't care how big its antlers are it's a bovine to me! I hope they get them all rounded up soon because the rut is on now and it's probably too late.

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Escaped elk in Eastern Idaho

Hank - Here's a post from a while ago about those Elk. Join in.


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Escaped elk in Eastern Idaho

I posted a new update from "The Idaho Statesman" newspaper on the other thread, check it out.

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