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what kind of escape plan do you have,and can reccommend regarding wildfires,what should we be aware of?,what precautions should we take?-we'll check in at the ranger station,but being in a wilderness area (unit 17) information doesnt travel as fast as wildfires-havent hunted this early(mid sept.) before either. thanks

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Obviously you have to have a good map so that you can evacuate out a different way than you came in if you have to but the best back-up plan you can have is a satelite phone. That way you can let anybody know if you are in immediate danger and can be rescued quickly.

I gotta tell you though I've never spent much time worrying about wildfires. Once there is smoke in the air I get off the mountain, doesn't matter if it's 20 miles away. You can't breath in that crap and you are at high elevation anyway so why mess with it and typically you should see smoke long before you are in any serious trouble. I worry more about getting injured than wildfires. I guess the risk is always there of a fire starting close and engulfing the area before you can get out I suppose but again a satelite phone would save your life there.