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Equipment in your pack

Your smoking partner will be more motivated to start a fire...fetch water...build a shelter...bring you food...it's amazing how much a cigarette's value goes up as time goes by.   Evil!

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A smoking fishing or hunting

A smoking fishing or hunting partner remindes me of an old friend of mine.  About 10 of us planned on a backpacking fishing trip in Utah one summer.  Well this smoking friend of mine would always make the mistake of leaving his cigarette's in the vehicle when ever we would take a trip like this.  Well, this time another friend took the carton of cigarette's that the smoker had left in the truck and put them in his own pack and off we went to the lake.  The next day the smoker had run out of smokes and started to bum them off of others that smoked.  The smart one out of our bunch told him that he had some extra smokes and would sell them to him for $5.00 a pack.  Now mind you this was back in the late 70's when you could buy a pack out of a machine for 75 cents.  The smoker never caught on until he got back to the truck and realized what had happened but he quit bumming smokes from the rest of us and the other guy paid for his trip and made quite a bit extra. 

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Travel to any third world foreign country and it's always a good idea to have a few cartons of cigarettes with you, even if you don't smoke.  They can be worth a lot and save your ass in a pinch if you need to bribe/barter/trade. 

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Funny thing about deciding what's essential in your pack and what's not.  You go onto youtube and watch some of these suggestions from the survivalists type people and by the time they are done, they're advocating an entire full sized bug-out pack filled with numerous items simply for a day hike.  Confused

I don't get it.  There has to be a happy medium, and as a survivalist, one should have ability to improvise with natural material in the wilderness.  You don't need to have everything imagineable on your person.  On a biggame hunt you still need lot's of room in your backpack for the hunting essentials too. You can't have all that stuff taken up with redundant items.  I'm not blasting those survivalist's videos on youtube, they have a lot of good ideas and a lot of good info to share. I'm simply saying you don't need an entire camp packed up into your backpack just to go out hunting or to go on a day hike.

In addition to the items nessesary to my hunt and navigation I have the following extra stuff on me when I leave camp:

Flashlight, small, LED

2 extra batteries

extra pair of wool socks

Leatherman Wave

Swedish Firesteel (Army model)

Stormproof Matches (NATO) in waterproof container

Space Blanket

50ft of genuine #550 Paracord (Olive Drab)

Fox40 plastic Whistle

Canteen Cup (aluminum)

extra high energy food, one dehydrated full meal

water, 2 one liter nalgene bottles.

Most of this stuff fits into the side pocket of my day pack.