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Enjoy a Train Ride

Enjoy the train ride, and the beaufiful scenery. My guess is the person playing

the piano is Floyd Cramer.  At least it sounds like him to me.



Check out: This Train Ride:

Just wait for the pictures to come on and have your volume on.

This is really beautiful!!  

Clic On The Link Below - Enjoy

Train Ride

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Thanks - train rides can be relaxing if you want to take them.  Spent about 4 hours riding Amtrack from Albany to New York City's Pennsylvania Station and back last week.  That's enough to last me for awhile.  I have done dinner trains and wine tasting trains with musicians aboard and fall foliage train raides.  I've even does a Christmas themed train ride with Santa and his elves.  That was fun.  But my favorites are the train rides with murder mysteries and or train robberies (fake of course) for tourists and those who want to be enteratained but honestly I think they are nmore fun to work than to ride as justa  passenger.  In any case, thansk for the link.  I guess maybe I do like trains after all.....

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Train rides can be very

Train rides can be very relaxing.  We went on a train ride there in South Dakota...got to ride on a trained pulled by a very rare steam engine..the only one left of its kind.  Went trhu some great sceneary and even saw some wild game...just wish we would have followed a little highway for most of the ride.

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Thanks, that was a nice ride.

Thanks, that was a nice ride. I know two of the photos are the Durango/Silverton train here in Colorado for sure. Have taken that ride 4 times and it has been great every time. I would like to ride the Alaskan Railroad and see some of that back country someday.  

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That shot of the Alaska RR

That shot of the Alaska RR was taken just south of Anchorage, along Turnagain arm.That stretch run right along the highway and is accessable to anyone.That part of the run does get into some beautiful country that is difficult to reach. from the end of Turnagain to Seward is a great place to see.

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The link is down

Tried to follow your link and no could do.  

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