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Energy, Plateaus, and New World Order

Couple of interesting reads for those of you that follow energy markets.


In a possible position change, OPEC members such as Iran and Venezuela are calling for oil to be used as a political weapon... openly. In the past OPEC has consistently said that oil won't be used as a tool of politics.


Looks like the idea that global oil production will peek and plateau sooner rather than later is becoming more main stream. This article was page one on the WSJ today.

The political power of Iran, Venezula, and Russia rise and fall with the price of oil. None are particularly American friendly and all have seen their geo-political power rise over the last five years. It really makes no difference if America bans energy imports from these nations either, simply because China and India will gladly buy it all.

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Energy, Plateaus, and New World Order

Alternative fuels are definitely part of the solution.

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