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Elkhunting in areas 78,77,771&751

Hello I'm originally from Colo now living in Tx and am going back for 3rd season Elk. Having never hunted down around Pagosa Springs I'm kinda
wondering where would be a good place to start? Probably area's 78 & 77
possibly could do 771 however don't want to get down on indian land. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Elk.

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Elkhunting in areas 78,77,771&751

My dad hunted the Pagosa Springs area heavily back in the 70's and loved it then. He said back then there were plenty of elk and deer and they always had plenty of meat in their camp. We hunted there for elk a few times in the eighties when elk numbers were down and didn't do to good. However, with elk numbers at all time highs I am sure this area is great once again. The area in question was called Mill Creek and you can see it on a map. Very good elk habit and I hear guys have done well there in recent years.

Good luck!

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Elkhunting in areas 78,77,771&751

We are going to hunt 78 this fall during the second season. The area looks very good from all of the research I have done through the colorado dow website, maps, google earth, etc.... Send me a pm and we can talk more details if you like.