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elk year in review

All in all a pretty good year for elk hunting. While I have hunted elk a fair amount, i had never hunted out of state. a lot of people on this board were very helpful in making it a doable process. Me and two friends went to Colorado on a Muzzleloader cow hunt and I was lucky enough to fill my tag opening morning. My friends weren't as lucky but it gave me the week to enjoy some Beautiful country!!! Not only did i put some meat in the freezer but I ended up with some great memories. (Like coming down off the hill around noon on opening day to get the packboard, and finding that cattle had absolutely trashed our camp. Would have been angry if i wasn't so happy about the elk.) I will be back!

In my homestate, i have had the great fortune to hunt with my dad the last several years. We have been putting in for cow tags because we have a good chance of drawing a tag every year and "dad" memories are way more important than antlers!! We saw elk off and on throughout the week but just never got a shot. By Thanksgiving day, it was getting a little frustrating!! And then... its all ok, because Dad got one Thanksgiving afternoon. Made it all worthwhile!! I didn't end up getting one but still had an awesome hunt!!

God, I love elk hunting!

P.S. I'd post some pictures but i am fighting the resizing thing.

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Re: elk year in review

Congrats on a great year! Thumbs up

jerkylover use photobucket.

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Re: elk year in review

Had an up and down year. Wasn't able to afford to go use my Idaho tag in September, so I got to eat that. Tagged along on a muzzleloader hunt with a buddy instead, he had a cow tag, all we saw were bulls, including one really nice one that randomly came crashing in on us while we were eating a snack on a logging road. 1st rifle season saw us up in a wilderness area, the six of us only took one cow elk, we enjoyed the hunt but were a little disappointed at the lack of elk, although we did bust a large herd before dawn while hiking to our hunting areas. 3rd season 3 of us hunted OTC, I took a raghorn 5x5, out of a group of 3 bulls, my buddy shot one about a half hour after we finished packing mine out (easiest pack job ever, just 100 yards from a road), but we lost that bull. I stumbled across him 2 hours after he was shot, but wasn't carrying my rifle (tag was filled). He ran off and was looking pretty healthy, although there was a little bit of blood in his bed. Never found him after we went back the next day. So that was rough.
Also saw some great bulls on my deer, including walking up on a sleeping bull and snapping a picture of him just as he stood up (made a bit of racket trying to get the camera out).
Also just got back from a youth elk hunt on the Boy Scout Ranch, took 3 12 year old boys and a 12 year old girl, but saw no elk all weekend. All the sign was a little old, so it was a little frustrating not being able to get the kids in front of anything. I think the DOW will change that to a deer hunt next year, as that is 3 years in a row that the kids have been blanked on that property.

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Re: elk year in review

Yes another good year hunting in colorado,this year I hunted with a new partner as my regular partner af the past 12 years had a bum leg.Brian moved here 18 months ago from Wisconson and is a very good whitetail hunter but new to Elk.He wasn't quite shure why he needed a pack,survival gear,and all the other stuff we haul around with us being used to hunting on 60 acres from a cabin.Any way I made him a list and he had a fun getting geard up.We hunted wilderness in unit 66 and he turned out to be exelent at still hunting the timber , even stalked up on a bull at 25 yards but they saw eachother at the same time!! He couldn't beleve that he couldn't see something that big untill it stood up and how fast it disapered!We both got into elk but never got one down.The 4th morning we stoped for a moment and I asked him "Riding horses in the wilderness at dawn for elk, does it get any better?" he only said "no".The next week end we hunted doe proghorn on a PLO tag , another first for Brian , we only had 3 small patches of land to hunt so we had to rotate around to find goats . After I shot mine I hiked back to the truck to get a pack he sat on the hill and counted 97 pronghorn in glassing distance and was very impressed with the game we have here in colorado, he got one a few hours later.Brian ended up harvesting a cow 4th season on a plo tag with another friend that he split it with me , nice!! A few weeks later my sister inlaw and her husband called from Craig , they had two elk down on a late plo hunt and did I want one. YES . So I drove up to get it and it was skined, quartered and in the cooler , gotta love it!! I split it with Brian . so all in all Iit was a very good year.

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