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elk in wyoming

saw best of the west tonight.they hunted elk in area 51 in wyoming with morning creek outfitters.any thoughts on this area.i know i woukd need a guide but thought the country looked real find.
gary b.

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elk in wyoming

Gary, It's suppose to be a good area but the draw odds are pretty bad.

Did you get a preference point for WY elk last year?

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elk in wyoming

area 51 was a great area when my father and myself hunted it 20 years ago, But ever since the wolves got moved in, (I would be guessing) but most of western wyo's elk have seen a sharp decline in numbers and you have to hunt alot harder and alot deeper to even find an elk let alone find a 350 class bull. Big smile
good luck this fall.

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elk in wyoming

i have been trying to get a tag for 4 years no luck so far

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elk in wyoming

Area 51? I hear that alot of bulls still exist, but you've got to fight off the little graymen, and also that the government agents frown heavily on you entering area 51. Something to do with secret testing of flying saucer technology I believe. Don't belive what you have heard about declining elk numbers, The governent agents have just put out a smoke screen that the elk numbers are down and the place is crawling with wolves. That way, the timid will keep out & they can do their secret testing in private.
If you go, be sure to take a camera. lots of film, and a lens capable of capturing fast moving images in the night sky.

By the way, while you're out there, stop by the "Little Alie Inn" cafe and say hello to the group from "The X files". They're a real hoot.

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