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Elk Still in Rut??

Have been in Southern Idaho for the last 2 weeks, work related, so I havent been in the field at all. I live in North Idaho...Anyone know if the Rut will be going strong on the 10th? Openning day. Seems as it should since it was pushed back due to the heat. I didnt have a response until the last week of Archery season this year. Not that it will make a difference as to going hunting on openning day or not, just what tactics to use!! Good luck to all and be safe!

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Elk Still in Rut??

I sent you an Email.

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Elk Still in Rut??

I'm normally an archery guy but I went out with a friend yesterday just N of Priest River. Up before dark and hunted all morning. Absolutely no elk sounds at all and they're in there too but they weren't talking. Doesn't mean the rut is over though but my guess is that it's dropping down.

I had a big bull come in to 40 yards of me in the middle of Sept and he was making all kinds of noise. No good shot but wow, what fun!