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Elk Shootings Results In Large Fines

These hunters "accidentally" shot too many elk and got nailed. We've had discussions on people reporting these incidents and getting it stuck to em. If you don't report it looks like they really stick it to you.


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Elk Shootings Results In Large Fines

Good article.

I'm mixed about cases like this. On one hand, I have a hard time understanding how you can mistakenly shoot four elk (one a calf). They made a mistake and should have some sort of punishment.

On the other hand lets assume they were honest folks. The almost certain penalties whether they turn themselves in or not, cause people (even otherwise honest folks) to panic and leave the game to rot, which is the worse possible outcome.

Plus, if these were otherwise law abidding folks, this type of justice does absolutely nothing to stop hardcore poachers, which is what I think we all want to see stopped.

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Elk Shootings Results In Large Fines

Yeah, I have a hard time believing this was a "mistake" in the same way that, for instance, I might mistakenly shoot clean through the elk I'm aiming at and hit another one standing behind it (and I've actually passed up a good shot because of this very possibility). Sounds more like their "mistake" was a deliberate decision to shoot more elk than they had licenses for. That kind of deliberate decision deserves enough penalty to convince them they were wrong and to deter others who might consider doing the same thing.

The hard-core poachers deserve serious prison sentences.

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