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"Elk poacher sentanced"

From my town newspaper, the dispatch,
An arlingon, wa man has been sentanced in U.S. District court in an elkk poaching case that took place in mt. rainier national park in 2004. Dean Harriman, age 48 who plead guilty to federal charges of acquiring and transporting illegally taken wildlife, was sentenced to pay restitution in the amount of $2500, fine of $500 and one year probation. In addition he has been banned from the park for one year and his hunting privlidges were revoked for one year. On november 6, 2004 a park volunteer discovered a fresh kill site of an elk on Carlton Ridge. Rangers verified that the kill site was well within the park and initiated an investigation. Three days later, rangers contacted a hunting party of six, camped just south of the park boundary in the gifford pinchot national forest. The party had harvested and tagged a 4 point elk two days prior. Harriman who was part of this party, stated that he had shot and tagged the elk on opening day of elk season in the white pass area. Rangers requested samples of the tagged elk to verify that it was not the same elk that was taken in the park. harriman denied the request. Rangers gathered DNA evidence from the blood spatters in the camp where the trophy was stored and blood drippings from the sacks of meat hanging the trees and the downed carcass at the kill site The evidence was preserved and sent to the US Fish and Wildlife Forensics Lab in Ashland, OR for analysis.. The lab confirmed that the DNA from the evidence gathered at the campsite was a match with the elk carcass found in the park.

I say he got off very easy, $3k and doesnt get to hunt for a year, I would say that isnt much punishment, especially since a few years ago one of my buddies didnt have his plug in his shot gun, had 4 shells in the mag, and got a ticket for $600 and lost his gun. And on top of that lost privlidges for 3 years. And he didnt even shoot anything

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"Elk poacher sentanced"

I agree, that he got off very easy on that. Someone I know crossed about 5 feet into an unmarked no hunting area which was 100 yards from a road and a game warden cited him for hunting on private property. The thing was he had no rifle on him and was only helping to look for a downed animal that an elderly man had shot! In Colorado it was an automatic suspension of his license for a year. Yeah, I'd say that guy got off real easy. We need harsher punishments for poaching to prevent instances like this from ever occurring.

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"Elk poacher sentanced"

I agree he got off way too easy. Especially after LYING. This BOZO should lose his hunting priveliges for 10 years at least, if not for life. And his partners in crime should be held to the same account.

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"Elk poacher sentanced"

this year when i was just kinda scouting around up in the woods durring elk season with all the hunters running around (kinda stupid) i went up with normal pants and orange hat and sweater with a camera and a elk call. well there was a lake too which i was fishing first then got bored then i started to scout. well when i got done i got stoped by the game wardens at the base of the dirt road i was at and one of them wanted to give me a ticket/declair me hunting. i told him that i had no firearm/license and just wanted to do some calling and i even poped the trunk, then the other game warden checked and told me to move a long.. i think they are a bunch of commies. let the criminals go easy and ticket the ones that are honest hard.

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"Elk poacher sentanced"

TOTALLY!.. the punishment did not fit the crime at all. Agreed

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