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elk in plains areas.

i saw in the eastman hunting jurnal a hunt in colorado of a hunt for elk in open areas.no trees or such.they did not say what unit it is.the picture showed open aeras .
does any one know where this place is,it looks like a real hilly wratherthen a moutain type area.
gary b.

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elk in plains areas.

Elk live in a variety of terrains. Northwest Colorado has one of the highest concentrations of elk and a large portion of this area is not mountainous, its in fact a high mountain desert, but in photos may look like plains. Many areas are flat and low rolling hills covered with grasses and sagebrush. During the winter its quite impressive to run into hundreds of elk and you can see them for miles & miles.

Southeast Colorado also has elk, east of the Walsenburg area. I would consider that area plains and prairies.

All of eastern Colorado is flat prairie type of land. Portions of the western areas are mountain deserts. All are capable of supporting elk.

No clue in the article as to where the photo was taken?

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elk in plains areas.

We have a lot of that country here. You drive down the road it looks flat but you walk it and it ain't even close.

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elk in plains areas.

I live in Montana and we too have country lots of elk country ranging from traditional mountain elk habitat in the western part of the state and eastern part of the state where its not mountainious but still plenty of elk. From what Ive gathered, if states in the west have general season elk hunting usually open in the mountain areas and those "open" type of areas are your limited draw/quota areas. If it is a general unit in the "open" area's usually has lots of pirivate that you must obtain permission before hunting or hire an outfitter that has already obtained the hunting rights. Ive been on public land hunts before stalking deer or antelope and find a elk out in the middle of nowhere before, kinda neat.

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