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Elk Outfitters?

My dad, 3 brothers and I are looking into doing an elk hunt in the near future and am looking for recommendations on outfitters. We were looking at Montana, but that is not set in stone. We are looking for a reasonably priced trip to an area with a good elk population. We are all avid hunters, but have never been on an elk hunt. I would prefer to bow hunt, but others in the group are rifle hunters. All suggestions are welcome. One of the places my brother was looking at is the skyline guest ranch, but I am a little skeptical. It looks like a super nice place, but we are going to kill an elk, not to stay in a fancy lodge. Ryan

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If your thinking Montana, I would contact Montana FWP and have them send you a Deer Elk and Antelope rule book, outfitters are listed in it, and if they are in the rule book I would think that they would be a good place to start looking. JMO


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No matter where you decide to

No matter where you decide to go you're looking at $5K on the low side for any kind of a decent guided elk hunt nowadays!

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