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Elk Near Kalama


I have been working with the intent of getting my son near some elk in the Kalama WA area. Being from the mid west and hunting whitetail with archery equipment I thought I knew a thing or two. Well, I apparently don't know elk and have little experience scouting and tracking them to find bedding areas, traveled routes, spend time in timber or clear cut areas. Anyway, I have more patience than any teenager these days, he has the bug but is getting disappointed by not even glassing a cow. Any advice on some better tactics?

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Elk Near Kalama

Maybe changing areas? Are you seeing sign? seeing elk should not be a problem, its getting close to one that takes work. Head towards St.Helens.

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Elk Near Kalama

I agree....head towards the Mt.

There are tons of elk there and it should not be a problem to find some. They have been gettin real skittish the last couple of years with all the extra rifle cow permits, but you should be able to see elk almost everyday with very little effort.

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