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elk muzzy draw in colorado?

Is there any way to know how the muzzy draw will play out?I am takin some out-of-staters hunting and they are applying for a group tag with 1 preference point.the statewide tag use to take 2 pp's for nonresidents but with the restructure i am thinking some arears may take 1 or even none,and also even maybe a 2nd or 3rd choice might get selected? Think any thoughts out there?they are puttin in for bull tags.

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Re: elk muzzy draw in colorado?

That's a very good question. I've been meaning to call some folks about that. I completely agree that some places will require fewer points now and could be drawn with 2nd or 3rd choice, especially the cow tags(which in some areas are now list B). However, by that same logic, some areas will require more points. If I were to guess, of the previous "statewide" units that will require more points would be: 62, 54, 55,81 15, 14, 70, 521, and 71. That was just a guess by looking for the units with more than 200 muzzleloader hunters. I now that they don't traditionally set tag numbers until after the population estimates are done, which is going to be after the draw. However, we could at least call some folks to see what the tag allocation strategy will be. Will they try to keep the traditional number of hunters in each unit, will they try to reduce the number of hunters in some areas and increase them in others? Don't know til we ask, I guess. But if the do the former, then the draw strategy shouldn't change much.

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Re: elk muzzy draw in colorado?

I am in the same boat. I am worried that we might not draw a muzzy cow tag as first choice and am trying to figure out a good backp area for 2nd choice.

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Re: elk muzzy draw in colorado?

IMO it's going to take a few years to get the points this figured out for these new elk MZ tags. Some of those statewide units got hammered with MZ hunters, so they might be 2-4 points to draw right off the start while others might be able to be drawn as a second choice. It should be interesting.

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