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Elk in Little or Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah?

We are thinking about going out during the extended archery Elk when the Elk are bugling, but notice that they have quite the limits on extended areas.

Has anyone hunted, or does anyone know if there is a good amount of Elk up in Big, and Little Cottonwood canyons? If it is worth it or not?

If not, can anyone point us in a good direction of Elk in the Extended Archery Areas?

Thanks, appreciate your time and help!


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Elk in Little or Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah?

I've been told there are good elk numbers up above Alta but I've never been up there to say for sure. Good luck.

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Elk in Little or Big Cottonwood Canyon Utah?

I've seen the elk wintering around the mouth of Parleys Canyon in the winter. And you see elk along US 40 between Park City and Heber. So I know there are herds up hill from there that migrate down. so I would expec that they summer up around those summits and high country.

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Elk in big and little cottonwood

I have hunted up Big Cottonwood Canyon for years now and love it. I have seen a few elk up there but they are few and far between. I have a spike elk on my trail camera.

As for little cottonwood canyon I also have heard of the herd around alta and have seen a few but not alot by any means. I do not usually hunt little cottonwood or upper American fork canyon area but know there are some there.

I think I would try other areas first. Would be intersting to know where they go and how they always move around these areas. I am trying to figure it out myself.

Iv scouted for deer up there for years if I was confident enough with elk up there I would have a general tag. I would love to hear what other people have to say about the subject aswell.

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