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Elk Hunting CO Unit 14

My Dad and I are heading out to Unit 14 in CO (Routt National Forest) this year for our second Elk Trip in about 3-4 years.  We aren't new to hunting, but definitely new to Elk and this particular area, and learned that our approach the first time around was not the best. We will not have the opportunity to scout the area like we would, except for about two days prior to the second rifle season.  According to some scouting I've done through the computer and various maps, I've narrowed down an area but was wondering if any experienced hunters have been in the area and would have any advice or knowledge about the area.  I'm not asking for your honey hole at all, b/c those are definitely rewarded through hardwork and would love to find our own, but just some good areas to start, or the elevation that they might be at during the second rifle season.

I was thinking the area a few miles East of Clark and North of Seedhouse Road.  My next idea is to hunt the public fringes to the private land around that area, thinking that we might catch the Elk going between those two areas. We won't have any ATVs or horses, just our feet, and we aren't afraid to put in the miles either. The disadvantage to this is that we will be coming from Steamboat Springs area every day, and will not be camping out.

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Let me first just say that you really ought to be camping a lot closer.  That's an almost 30 mile drive on a road that you won't be going very fast on.  Expect the drive to take close to an hour every trip, so add two hours to your day, or deduct two hours from your sleep and add at least a hundred or two for the gas bill, depending on how many days you'll be out there.  Camp closer!

Go with the first idea, as there aren't many large ranches or agricultural areas in 14 to attract the elk, and there are a lot of little subdivisions that will make access to the kind of areas that allow that kind of hunting difficult.  In some of the areas where that can be done, expect a diffilcult hike from the public access points, but it can be done.  I just think you'll have a better time hunting north of Seedhouse road.  It's good country and a good mix of wilderness and decent access, depending on what you're up for each day.

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I agree

I definitely agree that it would be helpful to stay closer, but it would actually cost more for us to stay closer with hauling the camper or all the tent gear out with us compared to our option around Steamboat. I appreciate the info on how long it's going to take to get up there and the advice on where to start.  It's definitely helpful talking to others that have already been in the area.


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I agree with Exbiologist...

I agree with Exbiologist... You should stay closer.  I hunted this area in Nov. 2000 and went skiing in Steamboat in 2009 and went back driving around my old area.  Not sure how much this will help you but in the late season ( I think the rules were different back then and the third season was in Nov., whatever the case it was Nov. I think the 14 or 15th) I shot a cow elk about a half mile down the Red Dirt trail.  There was about a 2 feet of snow that year and she was standing in the middle of the trail. Good Luck!

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send me a pm and I will try

send me a pm and I will try to help you out. I will be staying in Clark in two weeks and I have hunted that area for the last 7 years.

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Hunted the area last year and

Hunted the area last year and will be hunting it again this year.  I was successfull during the first rifle season.  My suggestion is to hunt north of Seedhouse around Farwell Mountain.   Your gonna earn your elk as there are no access roads on the bottom side of the mountain.  The top you can access from a four wheel drive trail.  But get off the road and hunt.  Enjoy the time your there and take the beauty the area has to offer in everyday.   If you can stay closer to the area I too suggest you do that.  Plenty of places to hunt  in the unit.  If you Pm your number I will send you a text or a call of what I find.  I will be hunting it durring both Archery season as well as first rifle again.  So I will have  great report for you before your season.   Good luck

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I've read that Farewell Mountain is a good place to start. We have no problem getting off the trail and checking it out! I will definitely shoot you a PM.


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Welcome to the site!  Best of

Welcome to the site!  Best of luck on your hunt, and make sure to post up a story and photo if/when you are successful!!!

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