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elk hunting out west

I am looking to book a trip out west with an outfitter, does anyone have any sugestions or locations from expierence that are good.

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elk hunting out west

Please take a look over our Featured Outfitter directory, there are a number of outfitters listed that offer elk hunting and all have web sites that you can contact them for further information.


Good Luck!

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elk hunting out west

I have hunted several times with a guide service quarter circle ranch near montrose, they have a site under quartercircle ranch.net Nice people and they are deep in the mountains....no phones or ultility power.The Elk hunting is great....price fair.They do have radio phones.

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elk hunting out west

Chasbrown; here are my picks
#1 http://www.brushmtn.com.
#2 http://www.rockymountainhunting.com/
I have nothing but good to say about both of these guys.
Honest gentlemen that provide what they promise!!!

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elk hunting out west

I went with with custom hunting services here in new mexico. Their hunts are around angel fire on the c.s. ranch. i was on a cow hunt but I saw a lot of nice bulls and had a great time. His website is http://www.customhuntingservices.com

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elk hunting out west

Chasbrown, if your wanting a quality Elk outfitter call me toll free. 1-877-647-9926 or email me. Check your messages, I sent you a private message.

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