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Elk hunting ethics

I was lucky enough to draw a NV archery bull tag this year. Went about it solo with some help from a few buddies who knew the area. I had heard that I could run into some hostility in the area but I had no idea the human race could be so ridiculous. I scouted for 4 days the week before season. Found a water hole with lots of sign, decided I would start there the next week. The only problem was there was a bottle with a name in it....Said ROY TISK-RESERVED FOR 2008 BULL SEASON. He is from Winnemuca, NV, quite a gentleman. Next 3 water holes....ROY TISK-RESERVED FOR 2008 BULL SEASON. WOW. I gave good old ROY a call and asked him where he plans on hunting...."Well I havent decided yet". I respond with "I will be at this water hole opening morning...hopefully we stay out of each others way."

Two days before season we set up camp and are watching a few elk. As I am cooking breakfast a 4-wheeler screams into my camp....WITH MY BLIND ON THE BACK. It was our good buddy ROY....He ranted for about 4 minutes, threw my blind on the ground and was starting to cry...I told him to get out of my face if he knew what was good for him...He left and we debated our situation...I wanted to beat his face in...right then and there...We hadnt seen any decent bulls, and had to check on a few spots...We left....I ended up whacking a 357" 7x7 at a different spot...The good guy prevailed...But I could not believe how unreal this sport has become....Has anyone any respect anymore??? All public land. Any other similar situations??? What can the game wardens do about this???

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Elk hunting ethics

I have had many experiences like this. I hunt one of the most heavily hunted units in Colorado, and have been in this unit all of my life. I have had guys put up private property signs, block roads with vehicles, and even cut my battery cables on my truck. This year a guy who does not hunt, but lives in the unit, went out and spread nails in the roads.
I remember even back in the 80's when I was a young archery hunter, we could have a herd of elk cross the road and we would bail out and go after them with the keys left in the vehicle and the doors wide open and nobody would bother it. Definitely not now. I wonder myself where ethics have gone, the day when you come across a dad and his son packing out the sons first deer and you jump in help them and listen to the young mans story.
I think poeple have fogotten the true hunting experience and its all about taking a 320 bull or a 180 inch muledeer and to heck with everyone else. Some guys will say if you don't like hunting on public land, hunt private or with a guide, but I don't think it is quite as rewarding as taking a good animal one on one on public land. Good luck and good hunting!

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Elk hunting ethics

You guys are so right! I know of what I speak, I'm in CA. I run into some doozeies here but have found same anyplace. But they can join the dissappeared if they wish.....I don't put up with it anymore.

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Elk hunting ethics

Its a shame that all the stuff we here about on TV with greed and the "me first mentality" is now affecting our sport. This is not just an issue with our sport, its an epidemic of how our counrty is changing for the worse. The days of common sense and being respectful to others and just an understanding of some sort of ethics is long gone. I teach my kids not so much by my words but by my actions and I thank the good lord that I have children to be proud of and only hope they can pass it on.

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Elk hunting ethics

I'll be the first to admit there are some goons here in Nevada thatdo their best to turn the hunting season into a real gong show. I'm not kidding, I've seen grown men fight over shed antlers...shed damn antlers as if they have rights to them...unreal!!!

Good on you for keeping your cool and taking home some of Nevada's bounty!!!

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Elk hunting ethics

Tisk Tisk old Roy. Hope you missed the big one for being such a fool.

Unfortunately you have experienced what I have seen coming our way for some time. In Arizona, it is first come first served. Even if some hunter puts up a blind. I put this kind of thing right up there with tagging another hunter's kill. I am not much for sitting still while hunting for elk anyway, but it can be a good tactic. I suggest that a call to the authorities was in order in your case. First, this guy littered with his markers. Second, he left it with his ID for them to prove it. Third, he tampered with your personal property. Too bad you couldn't figure out which water hole he really wanted and then urinated all around the place. He could have sat around wondering why the elk wouldn't come in.

I try to stay away from these guys. I teach my son that there are plenty of bottom feeders out there that are not worth you wasting your time with. Sounds like you found a prime example. Thanks for not putting a broadhead through his nostrils. There is a special place for people like him.

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Water Hole Waiting

I agree...I sat at water two times in ten days...I attempted countless blown stalks and could not close the distance on those old bulls...It was an amazing experience...It just so happened I was tired one night and decided to sit at water I knew this bull was in the area...My partner desperatly wanted to leave his mark at the water hole old Roy was camping on...What was amazing is the amount of traffic for only 9 tags in the unit....THere must have been 10 people per hunter...amazing

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Elk hunting ethics

i used to hunt by brokeoff mountain up by tres piedras -part was wilderness area part open. i went in early and scouted a good area found a nice bull way back in wilderness area had to go in on snow shoes. you could see this bad boy hung around there. iwent in dark thirty and set up under a tree and started making plans on how many trips it would take to haul him out.
before the horizon started lighting up here came a guy on a ski doo right up the middle of the meadow -he stopped in the center lit a smoke and took a whizz . i debated about waiting for daylight and him to walk far enough away for me to limit out on the ski doo .he would not have been able to complain much as there would have been a big fine for running the machine in a wilderness area closed to all motorized vehicles .he may have even had to leave the ski doo there to rust.
rather than exceeding my limit on the machine and risking a possible rifle shoot out i quickly shouted out a few choice words and headed for the next valley but the bull was long gone.
what was more ethical shooting a defenseless machine or leaving the idiot with his ears on fire Think

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hunting ethics

This is my first time on ANY forum so please forgive if I dont get all the lingo right.
I am not your typical hunter but can definately relate to the frustrations being expressed here. I moved to montana 11 years ago partly to get away from people like old roy and the ski doo guy. Guess what? People like that are EVERYWHERE! In fact, it may be worse here in Montana where many people are spoiled and think they dont have to answer to anyone. Of course not everyone is that way and I have met some good people in the woods. But the population explosion of my area (which yes, I am part of) and the aparent disrespect of others and mother nature (which I try not to participate in) disgusts me to the extent that I have changed my hunting strategy. I have become invisible. Seldom do I wear camoflage or drive long distances to go hunting. Instead, I bag at least 5 deer and an elk a year within a couple miles of city limits. I'll explain. You see, the woods near town are loaded with trails full of bicyclists and dog walkers etc. They are also full of game. I walk these same areas while concealing my archery equipment (more on that later) until needed. I take care to not break any laws such as shooting across trails and the benefits are plenty. These animals are always seeing and smelling humans but rarely shot at which helps my success rate. I also feel that I am helping to control a herd population that needs some thinning. There are other advantages such as time, money, and polution saved on driving hours away. Its also satisfying to hunt right under the noses of people without them knowing it. I either wait till dark to drag out game or find a hiding spot to bone and backpack out so I dont offend anyone or let my secret out.
It is extremely rare that I see other hunters in these areas as most are bowhunt only anyway. I feel safer not being around all those gun toters, some of which I'm sure are idiots (not anti-gun mind you just anti idiot).
I guess what I'm trying to say is, dealing with other people is part of the challenge of hunting whether we like it or not but with the right planning you might be able to use them to your advantage.

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Elk hunting ethics

I'm reading post after post here and frankly I'm in awe. I had no idea things were so bad out there. I've only deer hunted a few times in my life most of my hunting being upland game. I'm amazed and dissaponted to find so many stories of idiots in our sport. I'm thinking maybe it's not the deer and elk herds that need culling. Evil! Kidding, kidding...............,mostly.

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