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elk hunting in colorado

this will b my first elk hunt in colorado. been training for a little over a month. going sept 7, for 9 days with bow. thinking about units 15, 16. staying in clark. any suggestions. would love any help u all can give me.

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Welcome to the forum. I have

Welcome to the forum.

I have no experience with the units in your question but I'm sure someone will be along that can give some helpful information.

Good luck with your hunt it will be here quickly.

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I haven't hunted either one

I haven't hunted either one of those units but had a couple of friends that rifle hunted there 12 or so years ago.  The didn't see a thing until the snows came and then every camp had animals in it so they are there. 

So here is a bump for you to get your question back to the top and hopefully somebody that has hunted that area can give you a hand. 

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I have bow hunted for the

I have bow hunted for the last two seasons in the south end of unit 16....right at Rabbit Ears Mountain.  I can tell you I have seen some animals, but not a whole lot to get real excited about.  I used to rifle hunt there years ago and thought it would be good with a bow and I sure it could be but it has been real warm the last two years and not alot of early snow to get them moving.  There is not alot of pressure there so if you can find them you could have them all to yourself.  The east side of the mountain has alot of great cover and water for them.  The west side is to easy to get to via 4 wheeler and there is a walking trail that hikers like to take to the top of the ears...so I stay away from that side.  If I was gonna hunt it this year I would stick to the NE side of the mountain and work all the ravines slowly as there is some thick forest in there, but if it is warm they will want to stay in there and there is plenty to keep them there.  Another spot I have seem some is to the south east of the peak down a bit lower but you have to be careful as there is some private land down there, but there is a fence you cannot miss.  Good luck in wherever you go.

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Check into 161 as well.

Up around Buffalo Park/Buffalo ridge, and the Encampment river drainages can be good for elk as well. I have not personally hunted there in a few years, but I like to take that back road, west from Big Creeks lakes about once a year. They have been doing clear cuts in there for a few years and there should be some great grassy areas holding elk!


Good luck, and welcome to the forum!

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Thanks for the info we will

Thanks for the info we will have to check out 161 also

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