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Elk Hunting Advice Part 2

Good afternoon everyone,
I have been very busy at work lately so I have been lax in watching the posts. Here is another question for the more seasoned veterans.
My brother and I are looking at GMUs 4 & 5 for OTC 2nd Season. I have been doing most of the research up to now and I know we are not ready for an all out wilderness adventure as we had hoped to do.
This brings me to a question about elk movement/migration.
Would the 2nd season be too early to look for elk at the lower elevations found in these two areas? I read a posting by HeavyC in this general area that sounded like a great time. His hunt was during 4th season though.

I look forward to your comments/responses.

Happy Holidays!


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Re: Elk Hunting Advice Part 2

Kudos to you if you happened to make it all the way through my babbling! Laugh

I have hunted the area during 2nd & 3rd before, and the only reason I switched to 4th was to try and avoid some of the crowds. One thing about these units is that there is really no higher elevations. Most of the larger mountainous areas are actually 10K-11K. Though in my experiance, you will mostly find the elk still at higher elevations during these seasons (Esp 2nd) the amount of them at either elevations greatly depends on the weather patterns at the time. Though you will find some amount of elk at the lower elevations during any season. One good thing about these units is the large amount of public land that you have access to; making it possible to still get to LESS crowded areas. I am a strong believer that the vast majority of hunters will not travel more than a mile from the roads, and the further you get away from the them, the progressively less hunters you will encounter.

If you are at least camping in the general area, you can access most locations on a day hunt. If you can make a scouting trip, make it! Even if it is only for a weekend in the area. Though you can do some fine scouting via the monitor these days! Looks for those draws, drainages, saddles between drainages, etc... those escape routes. Rough & steeps draws are no prob for the elk and in the summer time and at warmer early season times they will definately try and get into these and out of the sun during the daytime, especially on north facing slopes.

If I had my choice between those two seasons, I would go with 3rd, and especially now that it is going to be extended by a couple of days. By then we have usually had at least one or two good blizzards and they are moving much better too.

Keep watching this board and sucking in all the things these guys say regardless of the unit as most of the time those things apply to any location. Best of luck at whatever you choose!

...and Happy Holidays to everyone! ...have a VERY Merry Christmas! Hello Wave

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