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Elk Hunting advice near Fort Collins CO

Hey guys,

I am currently in Vicksburg, MS and am moving to Fort Collins to do work with Colorado State for a year in August. I have been hunting whitetail, wild hogs, rabbit, squirrel, alligator, turkey, etc for years but not elk. I had actually already planned my first elk hunt for this upcoming season down in Unit 54 but am now looking to hunt closer to Fort Collins as I won't be able to take enough to go hunt in 54. 

I will be busy a lot during the weeks with work and I love to bow hunt so figured I would hunt the archery season to be out there as much as I can and hopefully get to hear them buggling. I get excited just thinking about it. I know it doesn't give me the best odds as far as units to hunt but I am looking at trying to draw the E-E-007-O1-A tag, units 7, 8, 9, 19, 191, due to proximity. It also is an either sex tag and as much as I would like to kill a bull, I would be just as happy with a cow.

Like I said I won't be there until August, but I plan on putting down as much boot leather as my wife and two little boys will let me before September. With that said, this is my first elk hunt and first time to that area of Colorado so any info about the area, elk hunting, or life up there in general would be greatly appreciated. Please just PM me and we can talk over PM, email, text or phone. I can promise you will find out I have already done a lot of homework on elk hunting and the area in general.

Thanks for any help in advance and if not God Bless and happy hunting.

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in the same boat

new to the site and northern colorado. also looking into the same units. let me know what you find and i'll do the same. been looking at stats and unit 7 shows more elk. ive started looking into mules more being that the chances look much better in those units for deer and taking an elk as a bonus. good luck and welcome to colorado.

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Just kind of an update on choices. After creating every kind of digital map, plotting trails, and every other type of research I could do for those units I have decided to change to the North Park area. Stats aren't that much better but it does allow me to do an OTC either sex archery tag instead of using my preference point for the draw. That way I can keep building up for a better hunt in a couple of years. Thank you guys on the input so far and any other info on elk hunting in general or the North Park area would be much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.

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North Park

Give Independence Mtn a look..You won't be alone, but there are elk there..A friend of mine didn't draw his high point unit he was trying for and went with his inlaws during one of the rifle seasons and first morning ran into and killed a 340 bull... This is not the norm..I was the there looking for some grouse during the Archery season in Sept and ran into a raghorn bull and some grouse feathers.. It was a dry year that year, so my grouse were hard to find until you found them...There is a Wilderness just to the West of Independence Mountain..I have never been to it.. Mt Zirkel Wilderness...Should give you a good start to look..

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