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Elk Hunting 7 & 8

I have hunted GMU 54 for years and done OK but this year my father in law and my father are going to tag along. In 54 you have to be able to "hoof it" in the back country and I wanted to hunt an area for them that wasn't quite as physically demanding. Does anyone have any advise for Elk hunting in GMU 7 & 8?

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Elk Hunting 7 & 8

The density in Unit 7 and 8 isnt great, but I harvested a great bull there last year (07). I assume you are a public land hunter and there is plenty of that to work with. The country isn't ridiculously steep in many areas and if you aren't looking to kill yourself, try hunting the edges of Bull Mountain or The Green Ridge. I'm sure you know that there is no such thing as an easy public land hunt. On both the Green Ridge and Bull Mountain there are numerous old logging clearcuts which may hold an animal or several.
Whatever you do stay away from the Red Feather area. Most of the hunter pressure will be around there, but most of the animals are harvested in the western half of the units. Since you stated you don't want to hoof it too far, stay away from the Rawah Wilderness. Most of it is heavy timber until you are more than 2 miles in, except for the foothills of the Laramie River Valley.
You didn't state what season you are hunting and whether you intend to hunt deer at the same time. I took my bull during 1st season, but I spent a lot of time scouting. 1st season in this unit has much less pressure because there is no deer hunting and no cow hunting. Last year there was only 600 tags.
I've attached a few pictures to help you out, but I don't know why this forum keeps saying the bull picture is an empty file so I can't share it. And for God's sake get your hands on good maps, like BLM maps and USGS topos.
This link should show my bull:

Green Ridge.jpg
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Bull Mountain.jpg
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