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Elk & Deer Hunting Near Hayden, CO.

I live in Southern California and have a good friend whose family owns 650 acres just outside of Hayden CO.. The land is approximately 11 miles south of Yampa Valley Airport in Hayden. It must have elk as a guide takes clients out hunting on the land. My friends family has given me the OK to hunt it next elk season. Right now I only bowhunt.

My question to any of you who know the area. Do you think it is worth a shot? Or is this not a good area and I should look to hunt public land somewhere else.

I have never hunted elk before. So any advise or help would be GREATLY appreciated. I know the #1 answer will be to hire a guide. But I cannot afford one. So it's DIY for me!

I'm also big into flyfishing. So any recommendations on that in the area would be appreciated too.

Please feel free to email me at joe.schwatka@navy.mil

Take care!


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Lots of elk and deer

Lots of elk and deer in the area, might want to coordinate with the guide or the friend regarding when you come in so you don't have to compete with them.  Don't expect to see any older bulls, it's pretty much raghorn only country, but there's a decent chance at deer over 3 years old.

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