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I used to do the nylon tent

I used to do the nylon tent with no heat thing.  While it is possible, it is not comfortable.  I froze my ass off and drifted in and out of a very light sleep all night.  One trick is to boil a bunch of water and pour it into your nalgene bottles, then shove those bottles into your sleeping bag.  It will keep you warm for a few hours, at least.  Also bring a bunch of wool army blankets to put under and over your sleeping bag

I've since learned that the only way to do elk camp is with a canvas outfitter tent and a wood burning stove.  It keeps the whole tent warm and toasty, and when the fire goes out--its time to get up and hunt.

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I'll be staying in my truck

I'll be staying in my truck ,but will have tent and bivey as back-up if I need to bed them coyote style. I'll also only be a little over an hour from my place. Looks like clear and lows in the 30's and highs in the mid 70's. Full moon just passed and they are bugling all day long. Looks like bow conditions for my mz hunt this year!!

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Anyone else know if the Bulls

Anyone else know if the Bulls are still bugling now?  Have we lucked out and hit the rut during 1sr rifle season instead of the Archery season?

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they were a few days ago

I was out last Thursday and they were still bugling then

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  I'll find out tonight if


I'll find out tonight if the Bulls in my area are still bugling.  I really hope they are!  I leave early this afternoon for my Elk camp.   Dancing   I wish you all a great and successful hunt and look forward to reading the stories and seeing the pictures!  Yes







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I'll be going out tomorrow

I'll be going out tomorrow night for Saturday's opening. Single person 3 season tent, 0* sleeping bag, field jacket/pant liner, polypro long johns, lows in the mid 30's, if I can't stay warm then maybe I shouldn't be out there! LOL

Good luck to all of you, may you all stay safe and come home with a big one!

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The'll be talking but don't

The'll be talking but don't expect for them to come to a call. 

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