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I haver found a coleman "cat"

I haver found a coleman "cat" heater.  They run on those green propane bottles.  I guess they can be used for heating tents.  Has anyone used them before?  i would imagine yuo would need some sort of ventalation so you don't die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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tent safe heaters.

They do make a tent safe heater that you can supossedly run in a tent without worry of C02 poising. I haven't researched them but I have seen them around.

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If you are just running it

If you are just running it right before you hit the hay and right as you are getting out of the bag... you don't really have to worry about ventilation. Have done it out of base camps in tents and a truck bed many times. The one I use most just screws onto the top of a green propane bottle. Stay warm and good luck!

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I rarely have to camp for

I rarely have to camp for hunting season as I hunt so close to home. When I have camped in the cold I have only used a three season tent without the benefit of any heat though. I have a good bag rated to -30 and will then throw another open one on top if needed. You sure can get dressed quick when it's that cold out for sure. Even the elk hunt we just finished we were able to borrow a friends cabin with a wood stove to use for the entire week so very little cold then either. I have planned to try one of those little heaters some time so thanks for the information about htose as I wasn't sure how safe they were or hoe long you should use one.

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my elk camp this year was a

my elk camp this year was a bivy sack and tarp. However it paid off with a nice 5x6.  I hope his ladies aren't to mad at me.

This was in north idaho.

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Everything I have read on

Everything I have read on those portable tent heaters that use the regular propane bottles is that they don't work at the high altitudes - 9000 feet and above due to the limited oxygen and what is needed to burn effectively.  This is the only reason I have yet to purchase them.  Maybe I just need to buy the property and put a cabin on it with the fireplace and wood-burning stove!


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Coleman cat

I believe those cat heaters are catalytic and safe for indoor use. I also Think the newer ones have oxygen sensors that shut off when the O2 gets too low. Upside is you don't die, downside is they don't always work at higher altitudes. Also they need a source of O2. So you might need to crack a vent or window/door. I borrowed one a couple years ago as a back up. Thinking abut doing so again this year for a second season in case we want to Spike or bivy for a night.

Good luck, be safe and check an online manual before you buy.

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I will be !

I will be in elk camp helping for the weekend on my brothers unit 61 hunt. Hopefully we have a great time and also the hunt goes well. Good luck to all hunting first season and the rest of the seasons for that matter ! Thumbs up

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I agree w/ Numbnutz!!!

20s & 30s is balmy to say the least!


This year I am hunting another RFW (cow tag) that runs the same as the second season, and will actually be the earliest I have been out hunting in 4 years. If it only gets in the 20s, then I am good with no added heat!


Also, I have a Big Buddy heater by Mr Heater and have never had one problem with it up to 10,500. If it is directly in wind however, it triggers the O2 sensor and will shut off. The Big Buddy has a built in regulator w/ filter in the hose, but all the other models they suggest buying the in-line filter to add to the hose for bulk bottles. These types of heaters are indoor safe! The type on top of the bottles are not.


Good luck!


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Elk camp

I am head to Montana Monday morning, for my 2 week Elk hunt.


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