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Elk Camp Menu 2012

This is my Menu for Elk Camp this year, We hunt out of a base camp, so we eat pretty good.

and i prep as much as posable at home, so most meals don't take long to make.

What is on your menu ?, i am always looking for new ideas.

Things seem a little slow around here, so i thought this might give us something to talk about ?.





1M                 Chili and corn bread        

1T                  Chicken Chop Suey and Rice

1W                 Rib eye Steaks and baked potatoes

1TH               Chili Killie’s

1F                   BQ Ribs with baked potatoes and corn

1S                   Tacos

1Sun               Roast Beef with mashed potatoes gravy and corn                                   

1M                 Ham with potatoes and green beans

1T                  Spaghetti and garlic bread

2W                 Beef and noodles mashed potatoes and Rolls

2TH               Swiss steak with mashed potatoes gravy and corn                                            

2F                  Pork Chops and Sweet Potatoes

2S                  Sloppy Joes and Chips





                           French toast and sausage

                           Pancakes and Sausage                           


                           Biscuits and gravy and Hash Browns

                           Scrambled eggs with ham and potatoes

                           Eggs, Bacon and hash browns




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Sounds Delicious..

Sound delicious! Better than I eat at homes some night! Big smile

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I'd be farting all over the

I'd be farting all over the mountain.

My diet is pretty bland.

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Just think of it as turbo

Just think of it as turbo boost--that little something extra to get you to the ridgetop.:yes:

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A Great Menu!

I would love to hunt using a base camp so I could have such a great menu planned!  I am definitely envious of your meal plan!  I'm doing another hike in hunt and have to get several miles in to get away from the crowds (GMU 55) so my planned meals will be easy - oatmeals or breakfast bars for breakfasts and MRE's for dinners.   Yuk!   I know - very boring but necessary as I have no ATV or horse. 


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That is quite the menu!  I

That is quite the menu!  I will be elk hunting out of a camper, and I know we won't eat that well.  I just know that the small group that we have hunting will not take the time or effort to plan out our meals that well, myself included.  Our menu will likely include chili, soups, breakfast burritos, hotdogs, hamburgers, bratwurst, baked beans, and other simple items like that.  However, I may have to put more effort into meal planning this year because I am getting hungry just thinking about your menu!

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Great looking menu.  I'll

Great looking menu.  I'll bring my own silverware...

Last year I posted a thread asking for ideas on cooking good meals at camp.  Several good ideas were posted and got me thinking about making camp cooking easier.  This last year I've put some effort into developing recipes that I can prepare at home and just re-heat at camp.  I make the meal, freeze it by individual portions in vacuum packed bags and then drop them into boiling water at camp to re-heat.  Works really well for lots of meals (some things like steak, not so good) and makes prep and clean up super easy and is flexible so everyone can choose something different if they want.  Meals don't dry out when re-heating and taste really good.

Takes a little work on the front end of the hunting season but we have a very easy way to pack our food and keep the cooler cold at the same time with edible "freezer bricks".  We also don't have to pack a bunch of cooking equipment--single burner stove, large pot with lid, tongs.  We eat on paper plates and bowls and with plastic silverware too so we don't have any dishes to clean.

Here's some of the meals we have put away for a various trips later this year:

Green Chili & Steamed Rice
Spaghetti & Meat Sauce
Fried Rice
Roasted Chicken, Grilled Beets & Mashed Potatoes
Grilled Chicken & Mashed Potatoes
Teriyaki Pork Loin & Steamed Rice
Grilled Salmon & Steamed Rice with Fried Green Beans
Tacos al Carbon & Spanish Rice
BBQ Pork (or Beef, Chicken, Elk, Venison) Sandwiches & Corn on the cob with Baked Beans
Macaroni & Cheese
Elk Fajitas (or Chicken, Beef, etc.) & Refried Beans
Scrambled Eggs with Sausage/Bacon and Toasted Bagels

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however many nights i get to

however many nights i get to go dictates how many mtn houses i buy.

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Camp food

That's a great menu, but it also takes a lot of refrigeration.  I like to keep things simple and don't like to have to keep things cold or have dirty plates or cookware to clean up.  I usually have bagels and coffee for breakfast, canned fruit, granola bars, pudding and other canned/packaged single serving goods for lunch along with canned soup/chili/ravioli, etc.  (put the unopened can into a coffee pot of boiling water to heat it up instead of pouring it off into a cooking pot - it may take a bit longer but it still gets hot and no clean-up).  And lots of MRE's!!  Big smile

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My system is a bit different.

My system is a bit different. I hunt my unit, so I can get to the hunt in 30min in one spot. 20 min in another. So, I have no need to camp.

I get up and have a huge bowl of oatmeal and fresh fruit, and a cup of coffee. I bring with me a peanut butter sandwich, two large protein bars, fresh fruit, and lots of Altitude Advantage drink. It's like Gatorade, but much better.

I hunt all day, and drive home. I have a large steak (elk) and vegtables, take a shower, and go to bed. Repeat untill an elk is on the ground, or 9 days are up.

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Elk/bear camp menu

Ok so here is our menu for next week.

Breakfest - we get up down coffee, granola, oatmeal or whatever.

Go out hunting till 10 am

Come back to camp/cabin and cook up some eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, french toast, pancakes or bisquets and gravy or whatever.

Nap for a couple of hours

Get up and put something in the dutch oven for the evening meal. Pork roast, elk roast, antelope roast etc. with potatoes, carrots, onions (making sure we save enough onions for (LIVER & ONIONS) garlic etc.

Eat a quick snack, cobb salad, grilled chicken salad or something like that.

Then go out evening hunting. If it happens we get an elk or bear down the supper (sorry I am from Nebr.) is still warm in the dutch oven when we get back. We have even stuffed a turkey and had roasted turkey with stuffing, potatoes etc coming back after the evening hunt. Sometimes we con one of the non hunting people into making the meals. But we all chip in and bring food and all chip in to keep the camp/cabin clean.

Happy hunting to all this fall.

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