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I would recomend that any and

I would recomend that any and all of you reloaders and even if you shoot factory ammo to save up enough old newspapers until you can get a bundel around 18" thick.  Then take them out and shoot all the bullets that you use into them along with a Barnes.  Then recover them.  Once you see what the Barnes does you will be impressed as I was and may give them a good try on animals. 

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Something to consider. I've been shooting the Hornday's Super Performance and I am very pleased. My groups with me Son's are starting to touch each other. Price is near half the cost of Barnes Triple Shock!

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Barnes Triple Shock

I commented before on how I was please with the Horndays Super Performane, well I went back to the Barnes Triple Shock, and after my Son put three shots together inside a quarter at 100 yards I was convinced this round is for him. He then went on to drop his first Bull Elk with my .308 at 110 yards using 165 grain. Dropped it like I never seen before. Perfectly placed shot. I am convinced that everyone has a load that will perfectly match their own rifle. Still am not crazy about the price, but the proof is in the punch.

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Hello, First of all it can be very expensive to try many bullet types. I started reloading many years ago to defer some of the cost and get some flexibility. When asked I always suggest Nosler Partitions or Barnes bullets to anyone who asks. I test then in old McMaster Carr catalogs that are wet and taped together. Recently I started shooting the Berger 210gr. VLD in my 300 Weatherby. I was suprised at the penetration of the bullet. It lost more weight percentage wise but ended up weighing close to the other bullets. The neat thing about the Bergers is that the BC is around .688 which is pretty high. . I guess what I'm trying to say is pick one that shoots well and know that a well placed shot will take your elk. Good luck and enjoy your hunting. PaLuke

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im a fan of heavy bullets.

im a fan of heavy bullets. 200 grn nosler accubond in  my 300 H&H at a modest 2790fps. i could go up to about 2900 but i dont see the need as it will have sufficient energy to kill anything out past 500yrds. if you want to! i like the fact that there is more bullet weight pushing through that animal. ya speed is great but put ali in the ring with sugar ray and see who comes out on top?

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