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Right now I use 200gr

Right now I use 200gr ballistic tips for deer...Wink

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well, there's always the 220

well, there's always the 220 in 30 cal

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Of the three

I don't use either of those, but of the three listed if I had to choose I'd choose the Nosler Partitions, but I really don't think you need a heavy 180 grain bullet for elk in .30-06.  The 165 grain bullets will perform well.  Of course there sure is nothing wrong at all with choosing 180 grain bullets for elk.  Since I reload my own hunting rounds I use something different for elk - 130 grain Speer Grand Slams loaded hot in .270 Winchester.

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I would go with the 180gr FP

I would go with the 180gr FP Nosler Partition from your list you got there.

When i use to use my 30-06, i took many game animals with 180gr Winchester Supreme Accubonds.

Maybe you should check the down range balistics for Energy/FPS at different yardages.

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Nosler baby!

Back in the day when I shot a 30-06 I used 220 grain Nosler Partitions. I continue to shoot them in my 300 wby mag and 257 wby mag. They have always done me good when I put the shot where it belongs. I now re load to keep the $$$ down espically shotting a weatherby mag

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Of those choices I would go

Of those choices I would go with the Nosler Partion...great hard hitting bullet.  I am a Nosler fan , but I use the Accubond for all my elk, deer and antelope loads.

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Of those choices I also like the noslers, I ill be using win 180 xp3's and my son will either be using 180 nosler partitions in 30-06 or 150 grain xp3's in 270 this year when we go to colorado. i shot an elk straight on in Idaho, the 180 partitions went through its chest and exited the bulls rump. I was able to dig the bullet out of the tree behind the bull with my pocket knife. The bullet was still in fairly good shape needless to say I was impressed. The Bull was only about 40 yds and went 15yds after being hit.

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Use the cartridge/bullet

Use the cartridge/bullet combo that shoots the best out of your '06.  My A-Bolt has always shot the best with 180 grain bullets & I have been using Barnes solid copper bullets since they came out for elk hunting.  Never have had any reason to complain or change.  I'd possibly switch to 165 gr Triple Shocks but they"re not as accurate with my rifle. 

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Elk Bullets

Well, of the three I've only used the Partitions before, so can't really say....

For Elk I have used the 180gr Nosler Partition in the Federal for many years now (20+?) with no complaints, and they shoot very well from my Browning. It's been many years now, but the Federal in that bullet was the most accurate/best groupings in all my comparison testing I did at the time. Since it worked well for me, I've just stuck with it, if that is any help.

Take care.

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I would personally take the Barnes Triple Shock. Its a very accurate round. Has taken 2 Bulls and 1 Cow for me and the Family the last 2 years.

I am actually right now trying out the Hornady Super Performance rounds in 165 grain. I will be shooting a couple of boxes this upcoming week. I will let you know how they do if interested.

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