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Elk and Early Snow

In the heat of the day, the elk will bed down in the snow just to stay cool. I have seen this first hand. When the snows start falling on a regular basis, usually mid-October to mid-November they will start moving down into the basins and meadows. A perfect example of this is the Milk Creek area in GM Area 211 in Colorado. If anyone is there the 3rd Rifle Season pray for snow a few days before the season begins. Elk will be all over the place for the next 3 or 4 days. It is very accesible and hunters will be very thick. Almost got a nice 6x6 there last year and I did get a Cow Elk there two years ago.

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Elk and Early Snow

One thing that has helped me is to find the highest available green pasture (even if snow covered) and drinking water (even if only unfroze in evening).
Then from that elevation move up to the higher cover that is within elks reasonable daily travel to that pasture and water.

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