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elk along panther river

i saw a story inmarch 1981outdoor life ona record book elk.it was shot by clarence brown on heartbreak hill in alberta canada.the area buts up against barrier mountain and by banff national park.my ? is who outfitts in that area now?it sounds remote from what i can read.
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elk along panther river


I also found a "Barrier Mountain Outfitters". I know nothing of them and they don't have a website. I suggest contacting the Alberta Outfitters Association for more info.


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elk along panther river

There are no elk left in the Panther. The wolves have seen to that. I have hunted and guided there for 25+ years. SRD did a count in the Panther, YA-HA Tinda and clearwater. It is sad the numbers are low. You might luck out and find a stray form Cry the park the wolves missed but it still takes 6 or 7 years for a draw for Res and a guided hunt cost 7+ K . Fraser did have tags but might have let them go because of lack of elk.

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