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Spike camp

I always tried to position my spike camps in a place where you have a lot of mobilitiy. I like to be able to choose between several drainages. If you position it right you should be able to hunt several areas rotating day to day and you'll be bound to find some elk. If you get the chance try to scout out the areas you want to hunt and use a map to see where about you should place your camp. Hope this helps.

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roger that

Thanks for the advice striker. Does anyone know how bad the beetle killed trees are in the west side of sarvice creek area in unit 15? Are there any good spot and stalk opportunity's or should I expect dark timber still hunting?

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I dont know about 15 but area

I dont know about 15 but area 28 is a great spot and stalk area during the muzzy season.treeline and above hunting is about as fun and challenging as it gets.I have killed a few bulls in 28 and its a good area for the rut

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I have researched most of the

I have researched most of the summer and still am looking at units 15 18 or 28 at the moment I am leaning towards 28 this is still a ML hunt with 1 PP. If I hunt 28 will I run into a lot of four wheeler traffic? I like that there is the wilderness in 15 but I am worried about the lack of visibility. any input would be great.

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unit 28 elk

I would reccomend 28 if you like hunting the thick timber. I shot a cow opening morning  this past muzzleloader season in 28 and it was in super thick timber. I have noticed that throughout the past few years the only place i consistently see elk is in the thick timber pockets in this unit. Good Luck!

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