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Well I did my scouting last weekend for my unit 50 elk hunt! I found a couple of old sheds, and a ton of sign but most was really old. I definitely found their wintering grounds when they migrate out of Colorado across the New Mexican border. Because of bad weather I wasn't able to leave today to get a head start on my hunt which starts tomorrow. Hopefully I can leave early tomorrow and be able to hunt the morning and rest of the weekend. When I scouted last weekend it was in the 60's and just last night it snowed an inch right in the middle of where I'm hunting. Tonight it is supposed to snow more Huh? does anyone think the elk will stay in the higher elevations(the mountain I'm hunting is 7000-9600ft)? what would you expect their movement to be when it suddenly turns cold and this is the first snow of the year??

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Can't help in terms of elk

Can't help in terms of elk movement int he snow, but I sut wanted to say good luck!  Looks like you found an area wehre there are elk, as long as they are there when you are hunting them, you'll be all set. Wink

Have fun!

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Good luck on your hunt, Keep

Good luck on your hunt, Keep us posted on how it goes. The elk should stay put as long as they can still eat. It will take a couple of feet of snow usally to get the elk to move down. If your finding sign in the area you should be in good shape. Again good luck. Hope you can drop a monster.

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Good luck on your hunt , I'm

Good luck on your hunt , I'm with numnutz I think the snow will help and they wont leave til you get a couple feet or food is scarce.  Kill a big one ,were leavin tues eve for unit 13  black powder , let us know how ya do

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well I went on my hunt and I

well I went on my hunt and I agree with some people on here.. The elk that were on the mountain completely disappeared   Confused It snowed about 6 hours before I arrived to hunt the mountain so I was excited about seeing fresh tracks. unfortunately I hunted the from bottom to top of the mountain hiked over 8 miles and saw 3 or 4 single elk tracks in the new snow. this was over a two day period and when I talked to the other hunters they all complained of the same thing... the elk seemed to have vanished?? This is supposed to be their wintering area and since I saw some sign last weekend (not much but some) I expected there to be even more elk due to the cold weather(7-9inches of snow). I guess that’s just how elk hunting goes! still got my deer hunt in November!


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Yes you are correct, that's

Yes you are correct, that's just elk hunting. Many times elk won't leave for wintering ground until they're dragging their belly through the snow. I hope you get your deer.

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