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I agree with Critter.  Elk

I agree with Critter.  Elk don't move until the snow is deep.  I have shot a couple elk at 10,000 ft and over 2 ft of snow on the ground.  I am also convinced that the old wise bulls that use high altitudes won't come down until they are plowing snow with their bodies. (belly deep or more)  Also at the same time I have seen alot of elk at 7 to 8,000 ft when the weather is 60, sunny and dry.

I have, like some of  the rest of you have not found elk in some of my honey holes that have produced for me year after year and I can't tell you why they are not there.  Can be many reasons. Hunting pressure, no food, no water, housing developements......who knows

One thing I have learned over my past 17 years of hunting elk is......"elk are where you find them."

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I've been keeping my eye on

I've been keeping my eye on the two bulls and small herd of cows. They're staying on private land near a creek. I suspect they're waiting for the rest of the elk to come dow before moving over to the winter range. I know the whole migration route, and they're on it now. I love watching the big herds come down.

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