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El Paso Texas Hunting

I just got back from visiting my son in El Paso, where he is serving in Uncle Sam's beloved army for the next three years. I couldn't find any hog hunting, or any other kind of hunting opportunities in that entire area. The locals, even those working at sporting goods stores and gun shops, are more clueless than I. Does anyone here have any insight into what is available within an hour or two of El Paso? There's got to be more to do than shoot coyotes, doves and drink. Suggestions?

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I was in the Veterinary Corp

I was in the Veterinary Corp down there at Fort Bliss for 2 1/2 of my 3 years back in the late 60s and you've just about hit it on the head. Rabbits and coyotes are about it for varmints, along with doves, possibly quail and deer when they are in season is about it. Hogs are not in big numbers in that part of the state due to the lack of any real agriculture.

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There is hunting out there

There is hunting out there you jsut may have to pay a trespass few. I had a buddy stationed at Bliss and he was able to get drawn twice at white sands and hunt Oryx. He got one each time. It is a chance for soldiers to draw those tags. I'm sure there is hunting on post too. they should have javelina at least. good luck.

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just did search for fort

just did search for fort bliss mwr and it talks about hunts for soldiers for oryx and pronghorn.

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El Paso Hunting

The reality is that there is not much hunting opportunites around the El Paso area unless you're willing to just hunt doves and coyotes. There are NO hogs near here due to lack of water. Im sure you know that El Paso is located in one of the largest deserts in the United States. If you're looking for better hunting opportunities you must be willing to drive a few hours.

For soldiers is a little different. There is hunting allowed in Fort Bliss and McGreggor range for active duty and civilians as well. Just do some research, all the info is out there. 

Here is some info I found:

New Mexico Hunting and Fishing Licenses

The Fort Bliss Rod and Gun club offers New Mexico hunting licenses for active duty military personnel. Active duty personnel may purchase a resident license that allows them to hunt on Fort Bliss property in New Mexico that includes Dona Ana and McGregor Range.  Active duty personnel or DoD civilians may purchase a regular hunting and fishing license for New Mexico.  Both resident and nonresident licenses are available for purchase.  For more information contact the Rod and Gun Club at 565-4867 or 568-2983.

If you call the Rod and Gun Club they can give you info on hunting opportunites on the Texas side of the base. Th e new Mexico Department of Game and Fish also has some info:


I hope this information helps.

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